Holberg EEG passes important milestone

NeuronBehind the international consensus on EEG interpretation published in Epilepsia this summer, is the system developed and marketed by NNN member company Holberg EEG. 

An international working group consisting of 14 EEG-experts has produced a consensus protocol for interpretation of EEG. The results from the SCORE (Standardized computer-based organized reporting of EEG) initiative were recently published in the top-rated journal Epilepsia. Whereas registration of patient EEG data has up till now been done largely in a free-text manner, the SCORE system allows a standardized registration of recorded EEG. The consensus group believes this could produce more consistent data, of a higher quality, and allow better subsequent analyses of individual EEG recordings.

“It has been very exciting and an honor to work with top EEG-experts from all over Europe,” Harald Aurlien, SCORE-member, CEO at Holberg EEG and consultant in neurophysiology at Haukeland University Hospital, says to NNN. The Bergen based company expects an increased interest from hospitals all over the world after the recent publication. SCORE is currently available in 11 different languages, and a broadening of Holberg EEG’s international network is already in place.

“The SCORE group has now been expanded and involves the United States, Canada and Asia. We have planned a revision of the system, based on user data, and this will be published with the intention of getting towards a global EEG standard. A future objective will be an automatic transfer of anonymous EEG-recordings to an international database. This would give a unique opportunity for future research and development,” Aurlien says.

Stener Kvinnsland, General Manager of Helse Bergen, praises the work that has been done to develop the EEG software and the new standard. 

«It is important that clinicians working closely with patients use their knowledge and creativity to find new and better solutions that lead to better treatment and scientific progress. This software is also the result of a collaboration between professionals with very different expertise,” Kvinnsland says.